Experienced Guidance Through Your Family Law Concerns

When a marriage dissolves, it will have a profound effect on the lives of those involved. One's financial security is at stake; one may face difficulties maintaining relationships with one's children. It is common for individuals in divorce proceedings to become overwhelmed. Yet it is essential to act sensibly — the decisions one makes at this time have long-lasting consequences, and many find it beneficial to retain a knowledgeable attorney to guide them through the process objectively.

Beth M. Terry has more than 20 years of litigation experience, and for over a decade has helped individuals and their families in Jacksonville and throughout northeast Florida. She understands the personal — and, in many cases, professional — difficulties that divorce brings about. Through mediation, negotiation and, when necessary, litigation, Beth is aggressive in her pursuit of favorable outcomes on behalf of her clients.

Legal Support When You Most Need It

The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., is adept in a full range of divorce and family law considerations, including:


Such matters are crucial. Handling them incorrectly can jeopardize one's financial stability and undermine one's most important relationships. Drawing on her experience within the field, Beth M. Terry knows how to work with her clients, opposing counsel and family court judges to resolve disputes effectively — and in her clients' favor.

Keep Control Of Your Affairs

If you would like to discuss your case with a lawyer, please reach out to our firm. You can call us at 904-638-8961 or 866-726-4608. You can also contact us online. Consultations are always confidential. We keep regular nine-to-five office hours, but can arrange to meet at other times as needed.