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How Women Can Protect Their Financial Independence In Divorce

Although in recent decades more and more women have entered the workforce, and the income gap - however slowly - is narrowing, in divorce it remains fairly standard that the wife will receive financial support from the husband, especially in longer marriages. Simply put, many women rely on alimony or spousal support to maintain their independence. And, as noted in The Wall Street Journal, they must be "especially careful" when dividing retirement assets.  This is the case whether the wife receives spousal support or alimony from the husband or not, as divorces will always divide among the spouses the marital assets.  

Former Military Spouses May Face Steep Reductions In Benefits

Last month, U.S. Congress began to consider a proposal that might drastically reduce the income received by divorced spouses of military personnel. As reported by Action News Jax, the proposal could cut back the amount of retirement pay to which these spouses are entitled, enabling service members to keep more for themselves.


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