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When an appeals court gets a divorce ruling wrong

The ability to appeal a lower court's ruling is an important mechanism in the U.S. legal system. Especially in disputes concerning divorce, where individuals' assets and relationships are at stake, it is crucial that legal outcomes are fair and just - and appeals courts are often a means of ensuring exactly that.

Military Family Care Plan for Divorce

Divorce is never easy. But it can be a particularly challenging objective for a family with one or both spouses in the military. Much of this is attributed to the lifestyle that military families lead - long deployments, modest incomes, and a lot of moving around. Uncle Sam also considers it critical that a Family Care Plan is in place when there at least one parent serving. One of the most important factors in military family readiness, Family Care Plans apply to married and divorced families.

Appealing a divorce judgment

One of the reasons divorces are often so difficult is because they generally require a couple to compromise on important issues. Sometimes a couple will be unable to come to a mutual compromise, so a judge will have to make a decision for them. It is very possible that a judge's decision will be more advantageous to one spouse than the other. If one spouse feels strongly that a judge's verdict is unfair, the spouse can appeal the judgment.

An introduction to QDROs

Retirement plans are created with the intention of providing an individual with benefits that will give them financial support once they retire. In an effort to prevent these programs from being used in unintended ways, the laws regarding retirement plans are designed to prevent retirement benefits from going to anyone but the person who has taken out the plan. However, there are some exceptions to these retirement laws. A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) is one of these exceptions.

Hiring a civilian attorney is necessary for military divorce

The demands of a military lifestyle can create unique habits and stressors for families of service members. Thankfully, many benefits are offered by the military in return for your commitment. One benefit available to both service members and spousal dependents includes access to free on-post legal assistance through the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA).

How Women Can Protect Their Financial Independence In Divorce

Although in recent decades more and more women have entered the workforce, and the income gap - however slowly - is narrowing, in divorce it remains fairly standard that the wife will receive financial support from the husband, especially in longer marriages. Simply put, many women rely on alimony or spousal support to maintain their independence. And, as noted in The Wall Street Journal, they must be "especially careful" when dividing retirement assets.  This is the case whether the wife receives spousal support or alimony from the husband or not, as divorces will always divide among the spouses the marital assets.  


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