Protecting Your Parental Rights

Determining child custody and visitation rights is often the most difficult aspect of divorce. In Florida, all parents are required to take classes on the effect of divorce on children. The class encourages parents to develop perspective and foster better decision-making skills. Nevertheless, disputes between divorcing spouses arise often.

The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., delivers aggressive legal services in this regard. Serving in Jacksonville and throughout the region, we advocate on our clients' behalf to ensure that, even though the marriage is over, the parent-child relationship remains. Whether you are a mother or father seeking assistance, we can help.

Florida's Updated Custody Laws Use New Terminology

The Florida courts previously made a distinction between primary and secondary custody, and between custodial and noncustodial parents. The court recently changed their focus toward recognition of shared responsibilities between parents and maintenance of an ongoing parent-child relationship. Custody is now referred to as a "parenting plan"; visitation is known as a "time sharing schedule."

Developing Your Parenting Plans And Time Sharing Schedules

Although agreeing with your spouse on these issues may be difficult, it is in your children's short- and long-term interests to try. Courts look favorably on divorced parents who collaborate on their children's upbringing.

Beth M. Terry works with clients to help them understand the factors that courts examine when making child custody determinations. Parenting plans are more detailed than previous custody orders, uniquely tailored to each couple's circumstances. Parenting plans must address a wide variety of issues:

  • Visitation ("time-sharing") rights

  • Allocation of decision-making in matters including education, health care and religion

  • The role each parent will play in the child's life

Our firm strives for favorable outcomes with regard to these considerations. We are also skilled in making modifications to existing parenting plans.

Legal Support When You Need It Most

Our firm brings assertive, zealous representation to your child custody and visitation case.

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