Adequate Support For Your Children

Child support is among the most important issues in a divorce or paternity case. While support is intended to ensure that one's children are provided for, the system is imperfect. Some parents receive inadequate support payments, and struggle to make ends meet; other parents are at times compelled to make excessive support payments, leaving them financially bereft.

The law offices of Beth M. Terry, P.A., can help. Whether you pay or receive support, we will work to ensure that such matters are determined fairly. Our attorney pays careful attention to financial details and uses an approach aimed at achieving equitable outcomes.

The Child Support Determination

Beth M. Terry works with clients throughout Jacksonville and northeast Florida, handling both initial support determinations and post-decree issues of modification and enforcement.

Both parents have an obligation to support their child. The exact support figure is determined by applying state guidelines to the facts of each specific situation. The statutory formula takes several factors into account, including:

  • Income of both parties

  • Cost of health insurance for both parties and children

  • Cost of day care for the children

  • Related expenses

In addition, if the parent with visitation rights spends 20 percent or more overnight time with the child, his or her child support obligation will be reduced. The court rarely deviates from the formula. However, Beth M. Terry will ensure that the court fully considers all the applicable factors in your case to produce a fair and accurate determination.

Modifying Agreements

In addition to helping clients during the determination of child support, we also work with clients to enforce or modify payments once an agreement has been reached.

If you are owed past due child support (also called arrearages), we can help you obtain payment. Moreover, we may be able to handle such matters on a contingency basis.

Likewise, we offer legal representation to individuals who owe child support or past due support (arrearages). In such cases, the enforcement amount may be challenged on grounds including inaccurate calculation, determinations based on wrong information or double dipping; we will work closely with the client to correct the situation legally.

It is important to note that, if there is an error with the amount calculated, you should not try to take the matter into your own hands. Time is of the essence: Comply with the order and seek an attorney as soon as possible. Failure to comply with a support order, even if wrongly calculated, can result in increased penalties.


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