Estate Planning Affects Your Family

Beth M. Terry draws on her practice as a family law attorney to offer basic estate planning services. Estate planning laws, statutes and rules are based on marital status. As such, a change in your marital status can affect your estate planning needs. When this occurs, Beth is happy to speak with you about your estate planning goals.

What Is Your Estate Planning Need?

Based in Jacksonville, Beth provides basic estate planning services for people throughout northeast Florida. She is skilled in establishing a full array of estate planning documents and directives, including:

  • Last will and testament: This is a legally binding document that memorializes your wishes for the disposition of your property and estate in the event of your death. Without a proper will, state law governs the disposition of your estate and who will inherit from you.

  • Power of attorney: This involves the appointment of another person as your agent to conduct certain business transactions on your behalf, for a fixed period or in perpetuity.

  • Living will: This is a document that establishes your wishes regarding the continuation of life-prolonging procedures when you are in a persistent, incapacitated medical condition. Your physicians and family members must honor the wishes outlined in your living will.

  • Health Care Surrogate: This is a legal designation of another person to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated. Doctors will honor this document and your health care surrogate's decisions. Also, the health care surrogate is bound by and must honor your living will declarations.

Keep Control Of Your Decisions

The choices you make while planning your estate matter. We can help you understand your options. Reach out to our office for a consultation. You can call, message or email us.


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