A Full Range Of Family Law Services

The majority of family law issues involve divorce. However, there are many ancillary matters that your attorney should be well-versed in as well. Beth M. Terry is a highly skilled family law attorney who can address your family law needs — whether they involve a divorce, grandparents' rights, domestic violence or other concern.

What Is Your Family Law Need?

We handle the following family law issues:

  • Jurisdiction/Venue: If you or your spouse lives out of state or out of the country, your divorce will involve issues of domestic or international jurisdiction. Additionally, in matters involving children, the courts may look at the state or country the children resided in for the last six months to determine custody. It is crucial to not let the six months pass without speaking with an attorney. We handle divorce at both national and international levels.

  • Grandparents' (and other relatives') rights: We represent grandparents, relatives and other individuals who are concerned about the ongoing care of a child. If you are a grandparent who is concerned that your grandchild is being abused or neglected, you can take legal action. Grandparents' rights are recognized and enforced, including placement, and custody and visitation rights.

  • Dependency: This area of law governs abused or neglected minor children. In most instances, Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) commences an action against parents or caretakers of children when allegations of abuse or neglect are made. We have experience in assisting parents through proceedings brought by DCF, as well as commencing private proceedings on behalf of relatives or others, and will provide sound advice regarding protecting your rights throughout the process.

Protecting Individuals And Their Families

Lawyer Beth M. Terry brings assertive representation to your family law matter. To schedule a confidential consultation at our Jacksonville office, call us at 904-399-5354 or toll free at 866-726-4608.


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