Protection Against An Uncertain Future

Substantial Assets Entail Substantial Complexity

The more property and assets a couple amasses during their marriage, the more complex their divorce will be — particularly concerns relating to the division of property. There will be many financial considerations, including the tax consequences stemming from property and asset distribution. We can help simplify matters. The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., strives to place our clients in the best possible financial position as they move forward after a divorce.

With offices in Jacksonville, and serving throughout northeast Florida, our firm delivers aggressive legal services our clients need. Whether you were fully or partially responsible for your marital wealth, we can help protect your financial interests.

Florida's Property Division Laws Apply To High Net Worth Property Division

Beth M. Terry recognizes the importance of your financial security. She also understands how important it is to consider your contributions to the marriage — whether you were the primary income earner or supported your spouse in other ways. Our law firm goes to great lengths to safeguard your interests and your property rights.

We are skilled in the division of high net worth property and assets such as:

  • Family-owned businesses

  • Business interests

  • Retirement accounts, including 401(k)s, QDROs and military pensions

  • Investment properties

  • Vacation homes

  • High-value personal property such as antiques, jewelry, art, family heirlooms and collector's vehicles

Our firm collaborates with financial planners, business valuation experts, accountants, appraisers and other professionals who provide us with a clear, concise picture of property and assets. These professionals can be integral in providing our law firm with critical information regarding hidden assets. Simply put, we take a comprehensive approach to asset division, to make sure your holdings are protected.

Obtaining Favorable Resolutions

Litigation is costly. Whenever possible, our firm seeks a fair and enduring property settlement agreement through mediation or negotiation. Yet if this is not possible, we draw on our substantial trial experience and offer steadfast courtroom representation.


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