How Military Spouses Can Resolve Custody Disputes

In military divorces, child custody issues can become unusually complex. When a parent is required to relocate, it can be incredibly difficult to establish a fair, favorable visitation schedule — and harder still to bring the child along.

In such matters, Beth M. Terry stands ready to assist. Many of her clients come to her from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, the Mayport Naval Station and Camp Blanding. Beth has a full understanding of the legal issues military families face, and can devise solutions that keep the child's best interests at heart, while enabling parents to maintain their bonds.

Core Issues Affecting Custody

Jurisdiction is the key component in a child custody case involving one or more military parents. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) identifies several elements that need to be considered when a child custody case involves a mobile family, parent or parents. The UCCJEA addresses issues of jurisdiction concerning the home state of the child and time frames for residency requirements in a state.

Military moms and dads can move a lot. If you are overseas, or if you have moved recently to another state, it is likely that you will need an attorney with substantial knowledge of these issues. All Florida counties require child custody cases to be mediated prior to a final hearing. It is in the children's best interests to arrive at an agreement rather than fight it out in court.

Temporary Time Sharing

When a military mom or dad goes on assignment for 90 days or more, she or he can appoint another person to do her or his time sharing. For example, if you are being deployed overseas, you can legally appoint your parents to perform your time-sharing duties. Ask our law firm about your options if you are being deployed.


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