Divorce Is Complex For Military Families

If you or your spouse is in the military, and if you are going through a divorce, you need an attorney who fully understands the complexities involving military spouses. There are concerns relating to the jurisdiction where one should file, the division of military benefits and how to decide child custody matters reasonably.

The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., has full command of the nuances involved in military family law matters. (Moreover, Beth's son served in the U.S. Navy for several years.) Headquartered in Jacksonville, many of our clients come from military bases such as Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Mayport Naval Station and Camp Blanding.

Protecting The Rights Of Military Personnel And Their Spouses

We offer guidance for a full range of military divorce considerations, including:

Serving papers — Like any other court document, divorce papers must be served personally. This can be difficult when a service member is deployed overseas.

Duration — Service members are allowed to postpone court proceedings until they are no longer on active duty. This pertains to divorce as it does to other matters, and may delay the process greatly.

Benefits — Depending on the length of marriage or the length of one's service, both the military and civilian spouse may be entitled to receive ongoing military benefits.

Jurisdiction — The simple act of filing for divorce can become complicated for military personnel, especially in cases where a spouse is stationed in one state but holds permanent residence in another

Children — Issues related to child custody and child support are mired in complexity for military personnel. There are hard caps on how much a service member is required to pay in support, and convoluted statutes concerning relocation.

Clear Guidance During Military Divorce

Our firm helps individuals navigate through even the most difficult divorce scenarios. If you would like to learn more, or speak with an attorney, you can call, message or email us.


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