Parents Face Difficult Decisions During Divorce

If you are a parent facing divorce, there are a number of important decisions you need to make regarding your relationship to your child or children. The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., can help you arrive at these decisions in a manner that protects your rights as well as the best interests of your progeny.

What Is A Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is an agreement that specifies each parent's responsibilities. Ideally the parents themselves will come to terms; otherwise, the court decides matters for them. The parenting plan will detail:

  • Each parent's specific duties

  • Child support arrangements

  • Parenting time

  • Where the child will spend his or her time

Beth M. Terry is skilled in helping parents develop such a plan. Florida favors parents who willingly share parental responsibility, and the local courts provide basic time-sharing guidelines as a starting point. Yet each family is unique, and the guidelines are not one-size-fits-all. Our firm uses the state guidelines as a starting point, and tailors plans uniquely suited to meet the needs of our clients and their children.

What If I Want To Move?

Parenting plans become more complicated when the primary residential parent — that is, the parent with whom the child lives most of the time — seeks to move 50 miles or more from the current home. If certain procedural requirements are not followed, there can be negative consequences regarding custody.

The court will consider various factors when deciding whether to grant relocation, including:

  • The best interests of the child

  • How the relocation impacts the nonrelocating parent and their relationship with the child

  • Who is responsible for transportation costs

Additionally, a new time sharing plan will need to be determined if the relocation is allowed.

Beth M. Terry has litigated numerous relocation cases and is familiar with the statutory procedures involved.

Helping Parents Through Custody Schedules And Relocation

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