Paternity Disputes Are Sensitive Matters

Mothers, fathers and children are all affected by the outcomes of paternity disputes. Such matters can have a significant impact on the finances of all parties involved, and can greatly influence a child's upbringing.

The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., represents both mothers and fathers in paternity issues. Headquartered in Jacksonville, and serving throughout northeast Florida, we are adept at facilitating all issues related to paternity — from DNA testing to child support payments to child custody.

DNA Paternity Testing

DNA testing involves obtaining a sample by swabbing the inside of each person's mouth. The child, the mother and the alleged father may all be tested. The samples undergo lab analysis, and the tests then conclude whether or not the man is the child's father.

If no biological connection between man and child is found, the man can disestablish paternity. To do this, he must take legal action within a very short time period. Our law firm represents men in court actions to disestablish paternity.

Paternity And Child Support

If paternity is established, however, the father will likely be responsible for paying child support. If you are a mother seeking child support from the father of your child, a paternity test can legally establish the identity of the father. Then, the mother can enforce child support payments.

Paternity And Child Custody

Likewise, if a man is legally established as the father, he can seek custody and visitation rights — and our firm can help him do so. Likewise, we represent mothers who would like their children to spend time with their father, and wish to establish a court-ordered visitation schedule.

Paternity and DNA testing can also be raised in a divorce action. These issues must be raised promptly at the outset of the divorce case.

Such matters are complex; we will sit with you and explain all your options. 


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