Protection Against An Uncertain Future

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements do not promote divorce. Rather, these agreements provide peace of mind and offer directives for the possibility of divorce. Indeed, the primary purpose of these documents is to foster stability.

Our firm can draft an agreement that protects your interests and defines your goals. People who can benefit from an agreement include those who:

  • Have been previously married

  • Have amassed significant assets that will be kept separate from the marital property

  • Have children from a prior marriage

  • Own a business

If you need assistance drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, we can help. Serving in Jacksonville and throughout northeast Florida, we work with couples and help them understand their objects, voice their concerns and establish plans to guard against uncertainty.

The Difference Between Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is entered prior to marriage. It sets out agreements regarding property division, spousal support, and other matters in the event of a divorce or a spouse's death. A postnuptial agreement is similar, but is established after the couple is already married.

It is important to note that neither agreement can include binding decisions regarding child support or child custody. The courts must determine these issues separately, with regard to the best interests of the child.

Legal Guidance To Support Your Marriage

The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., brings assertive, zealous representation to the drafting of your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.


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