Protecting Your Assets

Whether your marriage lasted five, 10, 20 years or more, it is likely that you and your spouse accumulated property, assets and debts. Such holdings are called marital property. Marital property also includes increases in value of nonmarital or premarital property — that is, assets one or the other spouse owned prior to marrying. During the divorce process, your marital property will undergo division. What this means is that marital assets will be split between the spouses.

Asset division is apt to lead to discord between spouses. In such cases, Beth M. Terry can assist. Serving in Jacksonville and throughout northeast Florida, Beth works rigorously to ensure that the distribution of property is handled in your best interests.

We Can Handle Even The Most Complex Property Divisions

Beth is determined to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf. She regularly handles complex property division for clients with significant wealth, assets and business interests. She can readily identify if one party is hiding assets or undervaluing assets, and bring the true value of all financial components to the negotiation table.

In addition to highly complex matters, we handle the division of:

  • Marital homes

  • Real estate/property

  • Enhancement of nonmarital or premarital property

  • Bank accounts

  • Retirement plans

  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)

  • Personal property such as artwork and family heirlooms

  • Liabilities and debts

In Florida, courts start with the premise that all marital property should be divided as equally as possible. However, various factors can result in unequal distribution. For example, if one party gambled, had affairs or depleted the marital assets, that party may not receive an equal distribution. The courts can also consider nonfinancial contributions to the marriage, or if one party delayed his or her career for the other spouse's benefit.

Drawing on her experience, Beth M. Terry provides vigorous representation to protect her clients' interests, both through negotiation and, when necessary, litigation.

Keep Control Of Your Property


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